Last updated: Sun, December 10, 2017, 17:12 EST
12/6Alexandar GeorgievGSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
12/5Marek MazanecGSigned as Free Agent
12/5Alexandar GeorgievGCalled up from minors, from Hartford-AHL
11/30Peter HollandCTraded from Canadiens, for Adam Cracknell
10/25Adam CracknellRWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
10/24Tony DeAngeloDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
10/24Boo NievesCCalled up from minors, from Hartford-AHL
10/21Ryan SproulDTraded from Red Wings, for Matt Puempel
10/12Andrew DesjardinsLWSigned with European team, Adler Mannheim (DEL-Germany)
10/10Filip ChytilCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
10/10Andrew DesjardinsLWReleased
10/9Adam CracknellRWClaimed off waivers
10/7Robin KovacsRWSigned with European team, Lulea HF (Sweden)
10/4Jesper FastRWPlaced on IR, Hip
10/2Brandon CrawleyDSigned, Entry-level contract
9/29Matt PuempelLWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/28Lias AnderssonCAssigned to European Team, Frolunda HC (Sweden)
9/28Ryan GravesDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/28Cristoval NievesCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/28Vinni LettieriCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/28Neal PionkDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/28Bobby FarnhamRWReleased
9/27Gabriel FontaineCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/27Brandon HalversonGSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/25Cole SchneiderLWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/25Daniel CatenacciCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/25Brandon CrawleyDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/25Scott KosmachukRWReleased
9/23Ryan GroppLWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Malte StromwallRWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Adam TambelliniCSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Chris NellGSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23John GilmourDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Vince PedrieDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Alexander GeorgievGSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/23Alexei BereglazovDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/22Sean DayDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/22Sergey ZborovskiyDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/22Dawson LeedahlLWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/19Brenden KotykDSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/19Ty RonningRWAssigned to Junior Club, Vancouver-WHL
9/19Adam ChapieRWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/19Robin KovacsRWSent to minors, Hartford-AHL
9/19Timothy GettingerLWAssigned to Junior Club, Sault Ste. Marie-OHL
9/14Scott KosmachukRWSigned as Free Agent, Minor Lg Contract (Hartford-AHL)
9/14Andrew DesjardinsLWInvited to Training Camp
8/30Jeff MalcolmGRetired
8/22Bobby FarnhamRWInvited to Training Camp
7/25Mika ZibanejadCRe-Signed, Five-year contract
7/19Chris BrownCSigned with European team, Iserlohn (DEL-Germany)
7/18Daniel CatenacciCRe-Signed, One-year contract
7/17Alexander GeorgievGSigned as Free Agent, Three-year, entry-level contract
7/14Kevin KleinDSigned with European team, ZSC Lions (Switzerland)
7/14Filip ChytilCSigned, Three-year, entry-level contract
7/13Lias AnderssonCSigned, Three-year, entry-level contract
7/12Nicklas JensenRWSigned with European team, Jokerit Helsinki (KHL-Russia)
7/7Kevin KleinDRetired
7/5Jesper FastRWRe-Signed, Three-year contract
7/4David DesharnaisCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Kevin ShattenkirkDSigned as Free Agent, Four-year contract
7/1Paul CareyCSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Cole SchneiderLWSigned as Free Agent, Two-year contract
7/1Troy DonnayDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Taylor BeckLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Tommy HughesDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Marek HrivikLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Tanner GlassLWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Chris SummersDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Adam ClendeningDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Magnus HellbergGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Chris BrownCBecame Unrestricted Free Agent
7/1Ondrej PavelecGSigned as Free Agent, One-year contract
7/1Michael PaliottaDBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Brandon PirriRWBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
7/1Mackenzie SkapskiGBecame Unrestricted Free Agent, Not tendered a qualifying offer
6/29Brendan SmithDContract extended, Four-year contract extension
6/23Anthony DeAngeloDTraded from Coyotes, w/ 1st-rd pick for D. Stepan, A. Raanta
6/14Dan GirardiDReleased, Contract bought out
6/14Matt PuempelLWContract extended, One-year contract extension
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