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Wall Nickname xcheck
Age 31
Birthday 6/9
First Ranger Experience 5 years old in MSG w/brothers
Favorite Team(s) Rangers
Least Favorite Team(s) Islanders & Flyers
Hobbies lotsa stuff
Profession desktop/network support
Hometown born in Brooklyn , NY now living in Northeast NJ
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Mio, Duguay, the Maloney bros.,Ruotsalainen, Beukeboom, Messier, Lindros
Marital Status married
Children nope
Last 5 CD's Bought I don't buy CDs anymore thanx to the internet, but did burn a copy of Linkin Park from a friend. Best CD of 2001
Favorite CD of All Time wow! I guess I would have to say Rush - Moving Pictures for no. 1. Also, Pearl Jam - Ten, Alice In Chains - Dirt, and Stone Temple Pilots - Core
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) I hate Hollywood. I love Howard Stern! :)
Favorite Movie(s) Strange Brew - (Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas aka Bob & Doug McKenzie), The Lion King
Favorite Food(s) Peanut butter! Just give me a jar and a long spoon :-p
Sports Played I am a runner and lift weights. Mostly spectate sports but like to play basketball in the gym sometimes.
Pet Peeve(s) idiot drivers and telemarketers
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day just found the place so in the past 2 days i would say like 5 hours
Comments My oldest brother is a Penguins fan. My second oldest brother is a Flyers fan. My third brother is a Sabres fan. Lots of hockey rivalry in this family and I am usually the laughing stock come April. Due to the fact that I have 3 older brothers (the oldest being 45) I have been following hockey since I was old enough to talk. I am also .fortunate enough to have been to every arena on the eastern seaboard as well as many in the south and midwest. I have seen the Rangers play in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Hartford, L.I., Philly (in the Spectrum), Boston, Meadowlands...oops I mean Continental Airlines Arena and many other places. MSG is the best sports arena I have ever been to and I try to catch at least 10 games a year. Doesn't hurt that my company has season tix. My 2 oldest brothers live in Nashville now, and have season tix to Predators so I am sure I will see the Rangers there next season. My Flyers brother trained me early on to be a Lindros fan despite the fact that I despise the Flyers. I am happy he is a Ranger and I hope he does well on this team and maybe even helps us be a cup contender. His play has been a bit tentative the past few games since no. 7, but with time I think he'll get his play back. Just needs to stay healthy and keep his head up. Whew...guess I wrote a book here! :)

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