SYR's Profile

Wall Nickname SYR
Age 20
Birthday 5/12/79
Favorite Team(s) Rangers, Yanks, Bills (I know, I know), Knicks
Least Favorite Team(s) The Sticks, Devils, Flyers, Canadiens, Red Sox
Profession Student/Web Designer
College Utica College (of SYRacuse University)
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Messier, Gartner, Gretzky, Leetch, Cloutier, Malhotra
Marital Status Single
Children Nada
Favorite CD of All Time Sublime (self titled)
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler
Favorite Athlete(s) Most Rangers, Derek Jeter, Doug Flutie
Least Favorite Athlete(s) Nomar Garciaparra, Eric Lindros, Dan Marino, Shaq
Favorite Movie(s) Slapshot, Happy Gilmore, Saving Private Ryan, Field of Dreams
Sports Played Hockey, Baseball
Pet Peeve(s) Islander fans and Ranger and/or Gretzky bashers
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day 30 minutes to an hour

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