Rich in 341's Profile

Wall Nickname Rich in 341
Age 22
Birthday 10-9-79
First Ranger Experience Losing in 91
Favorite Team(s) Rangers, Yankees, Giants, Knicks
Least Favorite Team(s) Isles, Devils, Flyers, Cowboys, Red Sox
Hobbies sports, music, o and a, other stuff
Profession medical field
Hometown Brooklyn NY
College Graduate of St Francis College, 2001
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) THE CAPTAIN #11, leetch richter amonte
Marital Status single
Last 5 CD's Bought Sinata-Jolly Christmas, DMX- Great Depression, Jay Z- Blueprint, Ja Rule-Pain is Love, Dean Martin- Best of
Favorite CD of All Time Beastie Boys- Licence to Ill
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) DeNiro, Pacino
Favorite Movie(s) Godfather 1-2, Major League, American Pie, Weekend at Bernies
Favorite Food(s) Baked Ziti, Veal Parmagiana
Sports Played baseball, hockey, softball
Pet Peeve(s) Losing
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day 30minutes

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