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Wall Nickname Rhet0ric (If you knew me a little better, you'd know the name fits)
Age 32 State of Mind (and I lost mine a long time ago)
Birthday 2/13/67 (Trick question because you only have one)
First Ranger Experience 1979......Getting into fights with Bruins Fans in Elementary School
Favorite Team(s) Rangers, Yankees, NY Giants, Handicappers at the Meadowlands
Least Favorite Team(s) Flyers, Cowboys, Icelanders, Devils, Synchronized Swimmers
Hobbies Eating Pizza in the Rain; Walking Barefoot in the Snow
Profession Self-Employed Manic Depressive
Hometown New City, West Nyack, Pearl River, Garnerville, Valley Cottage & Bardonia NY
College Pace University some, Community College a little bit, but Dominican College finished by a nose. Always envied those Apex Tech guys with their free set of tools (at least then I'd have something to show for all the loans I have to pay back).
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Barry (when he wasn't injured) Beck; Don Maloney (I liked him even better as Isles GM); Mike (we hardly knew ye) Ridley; Tony (cup o' coffee) Granato; Tony Amonte (after these 3 guys, I stopped getting Rookie Jerseys 'cause they always got traded); Mark (still the messiah) Messier; Adam Graves; Manny Malhotra
Marital Status None of the above, I choose life
Children I am my own child and No I don't share my toys.
Last 5 CD's Bought Offspring; The Wallflowers; Green Day
Favorite CD of All Time Too Many to Mention (Is this a survey?)
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Cameron Diaz, Harrison Ford, Meg Ryan, Groucho Marx; Nicole Kidman; Kevin Bacon; Drew Barrymore
Favorite Movie(s) As Good As It Gets, My Blue Heaven, Austin Powers, When Harry Met Sally, Groundhog Day
Favorite Food(s) Pizza Obviously, pretty much everything else (I'm an equal opportunity eater)...
Sports Played Baseball, Football, Street Hockey, Spud, Kickball, Hop Scotch
Pet Peeve(s) Female Flyer Fans (because their mustaches are better than any I could grow); Devils FanS (cause they can't even sell out there own damn building during the playoffs); Anyone that thinks D'yer Mak'er is pronounced 'Die-er Maker'
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day 1-2 hours (It takes just that long to read through all the posts)
Comments Kara's Awesome (she told me to say this or else she was gonna erase my profile)....."If you stewed cranberries like applesauce they'd taste much more like prunes that rhubarb does"......

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