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Wall Nickname Nick
Age 47 (and I can't believe it)
Birthday Sept. 17, 1951
First Ranger Experience Listening to the Sunday night games in 1964 on WCBS with Win Elliot; first live game Dec. 30, 1965 (we win 8-4 over the Leafs)
Favorite Team(s) Rangers, LA Dodgers (hereditary; Mom was in the hospital having me when they blew the lead in '51)
Least Favorite Team(s) Devils; Bruins circa 1968-1972; SF Giants
Hobbies Reading non-fiction; American history post-war; taking care of my four cats
Profession Legal Editor; fill-in on-air weekends on WYSP/Philadelphia
Hometown Upper Darby, PA; first 33 years in Riverdale, NJ
College Seton Hall B.A.; Michigan State M.A.
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Ed Giacomin
Marital Status almost in a previous era; it didn't take
Last 5 CD's Bought I tape stuff at the radio station on weekends
Favorite CD of All Time I generally like songs and not bands
Favorite/Last Books A Walk in the Woods
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Ginger Lynn; Mitch Pileggi (Skinner on "The "X-Files")
Favorite Movie(s) Not the X-Files movie; the TV show, yes; "Risky Business"
Favorite Food(s) Too many; my cardiologist agrees
Sports Played hockey, basketball (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth)
Pet Peeve(s) animal cruelty or neglect; sanctimonious 'family values' types.
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day a few minutes several times a day; it beats working
Comments I'm glad to have found the site, which is full of great and knowledgable fans who obviously care about a great sport.

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