NebraskaNYRfan's Profile

Wall Nickname NebraskaNYRfan
Age 29
Birthday 7/28/69
First Ranger Experience Watching a 7-1 loss back in '93 (They turned it around and won the Cup later) :-)
Favorite Team(s) NHL: Rangers, USHL: Lincoln Stars, College football: Nebraska Cornhuskers
Least Favorite Team(s) NHL: Philadelphia, Long Island, Detroit
Hobbies Computers, Miniature gaming, Roller blading, Remodeling my house, woodworking,
Profession Lotus Notes admin/ Network admin
Hometown Lincoln, Nebraska
College Many and varied
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Brian Leetch, Wayne Gretzky, Steve Larmer, Adam Graves
Marital Status Married
Children None (yet)
Last 5 CD's Bought You'd have to ask my wife.
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Actors: Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Jimmy Stewart; Actresses: Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sigourney Weaver
Favorite Movie(s) Star Wars Trilogy, Aliens, Saving Private Ryan, Blazing Saddles, Terminator (1&2), Good Will Hunting, Highlander (only 1), Dead Poets Society, many more
Favorite Food(s) Anything that comes off my grill or out of my wok.
Sports Played none
Pet Peeve(s) Poor losers, people who can't handle adversity, politics, deadbeats
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day As work allows during the season (a lot), about an hour/day during the off-season

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