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Wall Nickname MJD
Age I'm 22.
Birthday March 1, 1977...
First Ranger Experience I haven't been a fan too long. The first fond Ranger memory I have is Beuke coming to the aid of Pat Lafontaine after someone took a shot at his head. Kind of ironic that no Ranger has stood up for another Ranger since then, eh?
Favorite Team(s) Well, the Rangers... Also the San Diego Chargers and Padres.
Least Favorite Team(s) In hockey, I pretty much hate every team that isn't the Rangers.
Hobbies Alligator wrestling, hosting informal spelling bees among the neighborhood children, shaving small furbearing creatures and re-releasing them into the wild, trying to convince the elderly that World War 2 didn't really happen, and needlepoint.
Profession I'm currently a student majoring in advertising, and I work part time at the University Affiliated Center for Developmental Disabilities.
Hometown Morgantown, WV
College West Virginia University
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Wayne Gretzky is the one role model I've ever had that isn't a family member or friend... if there were a least favorite Ranger question, it would undoubtedly be Kevin Hatcher.
Marital Status Single. Oh yes.
Children I still am one...
Last 5 CD's Bought Oh, let's see... Len, You Can't Stop the Bumrush... Van Morrison, Days Like This... Talking Heads, More Songs About Buildings and Food... Goo Goo Dolls, Dizzy Up the Girl... and Pure Funk, Volume II.
Favorite CD of All Time Pure Funk, Volume I
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Jack Nicholson, Russel Crowe, the Hanson Brothers... Sharon Stone, Natalie Portman, and Janet Jones.
Favorite Movie(s) Slap Shot, Scent of a Woman, Bull Durham, Christmas Vacation, As Good As It Gets, Very Bad Things
Favorite Food(s) Kool-Aid. I know, it's a beverage. Let's move on.
Sports Played Little bit of everything, really... nothing past high school.
Pet Peeve(s) Writers who, 2 months after the fact, still need to remind everyone that the Rangers spent $67 million in the offseason...
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day An hour will do... You guys are awesome.
Comments I could put in about a million additional comments, none of them either relevant or true. If there's something I left out, or something you're curious about, just ask. mjd@mailandnews.com. Enjoy...

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