AlaskaRanger's Profile

Wall Nickname AlaskaRanger
Birthday dec 11
First Ranger Experience late 60's
Least Favorite Team(s) Fishsticks
Hobbies Coaching Comp Hockey
Profession Salesman
Hometown Massapequa NY
College Nassau CC
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Giacomin, Messier, Graves, Larmer (if only briefly)
Marital Status Married
Children 3
Favorite CD of All Time Led Zep Complete
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Robert Duvall
Favorite Movie(s) Godfather, Cool Hand Luke, Patton, Hoosiers
Favorite Food(s) Seafood
Sports Played Hockey, Soccer, Softball, Racketball
Pet Peeve(s) Sports Illustrated Hockey coverage, basketball
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day new member
Comments all my prayers were answered 6/94-Thanks Mess!!

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