888's Profile

Wall Nickname 888
Age 47
Birthday 1/15/52
First Ranger Experience Great teams of early 70's as a kid watching on TV
Favorite Team(s) All Ranger teams, especially '93-'94 Rangers' 78-'79 Rangers
Least Favorite Team(s) Flyers, Islanders, Avalanche, Devils
Hobbies guitars, kungfu, sailing, skating, street hockey
Profession active trader in equity markets
Hometown Canton, New York... current residence is in St Petersburg, FL
College Columbia U.
Favorite Ranger(s) (past and/or present) Graves, Messier, Kovalev, Pavelich, Hospodar, Fotiu
Marital Status M
Children n/a
Last 5 CD's Bought Seven Nations, Gipsy Kings, Bad Religion, Sheryl Crow
Favorite CD of All Time Nantucket Sleighride (Mountain)
Favorite Actor(s) and/or Actress(es) Jackie Chan
Favorite Movie(s) Emerald Forest, Dune, Seventh Seal, Black Orpheus, Zardoz
Favorite Food(s) Chinese, Thai, Indian, French, Spanish, Mexican
Sports Played football, track, tennis, surfing, skiing, inline hockey, sailing
Pet Peeve(s) Ranger GM's who don't sign young available ufa prospects
Hours spent on The Wall and/or RFC a day Pattern still to be established
Comments Been with the Rangers since the Emile Francis, GAG Line era. Caught the games on radio driving a gypsy cab in the south Bronx. Was at the Garden for all playoff games during the great run to the finals in '79. Traveled the world in the '80s and followed the team through week-old line scores in the Int. Herald Tribune. Watched TV games from Hawaii at 1pm and 4pm living in CA. Cup in '94 was the thrill of a lifetime! Now in Tampa Bay area, and catch road games when they are in town. The rest I see on DirectTV. I can't help it. The Rangers are just in my blood!!

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